About OSV

OSV is a verification service. We do not grade coins, buy coins, or sell coins. As an independent verification service, dealers and collectors alike, are assured that all sets stickered by OSV are indeed authentic and original.

OSV will accept Double Mint Sets for grading, prepare those sets and deliver them to ANACS for certification. Once returned from ANACS, OSV will affix tamper proof hologram stickers to all boards that are truly original. On all boards that contain coins with exceptional color for the date, OSV will affix Color Premium hologram stickers. The sets are then returned to the collector or dealer who submitted them.

As mentioned, OSV does not grade the sets. ANACS does not verify sets, but grades each coin individually. The proprietary formula used by ANACS for the cumulative grade for each board was developed by an OSV consultant.

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Meet the OSV Team

Shaunda Fry

Shaunda is managing partner of Original Set Verification. She brings decades of experience in sales and business management with her. Since she began her numismatic career in 2007, she has been a regular attendee at virtually every major coin show for nearly a decade. That’s where she recognized the need to preserve the numismatic history and coins found in Double Mint sets.

Leo Frese

Leo is the Chief Verifier for Original Set Verification and has been involved in numismatics as a professional for over 45 years. Leo spent nearly 30 years at Heritage Auctions where he rose to Executive Vice President. As a result, he has handled hundreds of millions of dollars in rare coins and specializes in Classic US coinage. He is also deeply involved in preserving the history of Double Mint Sets as issued by The Treasury Department from 1942-1958 and regularly shares his knowledge at coin clubs around the US.

Paul Frese

Paul is a verifier for Original Set Verification and has been involved in the rare coin and collectibles markets for over 30 years working with some of the largest companies throughout the country. His knowledge of numismatics is vast and he was a top grader of coins before PCGS and NGC were introduced to the market.

OSV - Original Set Verification
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