How To Submit Your Double Mint Sets
All sets must be submitted in the original packaging. Please do not include staples or tape with your submission.

Submitter Responsibilities

  1. Fill out the submission form completely and legibly.
  2. Sign and date form confirming you agree with all terms and conditions.
  3. Include payment with your submission. Submission will not be processed without payment.
  4. Do not write in ‘Office Use Only’ fields.

Submitter Agrees to the Following

  1. Payment in full is due upon receipt.
  2. OSV reserves the right to correct errors on the submission form. Including, but not limited to, errors in the description of the coins and payment errors.
  3. Submitters who neglect to fill out the ‘Owner’s Value’ field will be limited to an insured value of $10/coin.
  4. OSV is not responsible for coins that are damaged due to improper preparation by the submitter.
  5. Specialty coins, varieties, and ‘exotic’ coins may be sent to an outside expert for authentication and/or variety attribution.
  6. OSV may photograph your coin for documentation and/or promotional purposes.
  7. OSV does not accept damaged packages.
  8. Rules and fees can change without notice.
  9. All coins graded by ANACS & sets verified original by OSV.

Return Shipping

To calculate your return shipping fees use the chart below.

If the submitter has a FedEx or USPS Express Mail account, complete the ‘Return Shipping’ field at the top of the submission form and we will waive our return shipping and insurance fees. This is an optional service and does NOT apply to most submitters.

Turnaround Times

OSV turnaround times are calculated as 24-hour business days. This means weekends, OSV holidays, and USPS holidays do not count towards turnaround times. There is no turnaround time guarantee.

Attribution verification and research can slow the turnaround time of any tier of service.

Variety and Error Attribution

Variety Attribution Verification & Errors ($10) – OSV will confirm the variety or error of a coin. To use this service, list the variety or error of a coin. To use this service list the variety, error, or die pair in the ‘Variety’ field. The charge for this service is $10 per coin. Make sure you account for this fee in the ‘Payment calculations’ area. This service can add an additional 15 business days to the turnaround time of your submission.

OSV is not responsible for damage to holders when removing coins.

OSV Guarantee

OSV guarantees the originality of all sets designated with authentic OSV stickers.

If you question the originality or grade of an OSV set, it can be submitted to OSV for review. Solely OSV will determine the verification value and the way the customer is compensated. Coins lost or damaged while in OSV possession will be resolved in the same manner. All claims must include a transaction history of the con going back as far as possible.


  • OSV does not buy or sell coins, including double mint, proof and mint sets.
  • OSV is a verification service and does not grade coins.
  • All envelopes and mint boards will be marked and labeled with the appropriate certification number.

OSV Coin Imaging

To request OSV Coin Imaging, simply check the box in the ‘Imaging’ field on the line corresponding with the coin you want photographed. This service may extend the turnaround time of your submission by up to two business days. The $10 per coin fee for this service is in the Payment Calculations area of the submission form. Imaging is only available for coins submitted for certification.

OSV Conservation Service

RECOMMENDED – Choose this service to allow OSV to remove debris, glue, stains, hazing and other easily removed an distracting flaws from your submitted coins. The flat fee for this service is $5 per board. To select this service, initial the Conservation Service field in the Payment Calculations area. Not selecting this service may result in coins not being certified due to PVC and/or other corrosive material contamination. Uncertified coins returned to you for these reasons are not eligible for refunds if the Conservation Service is not selected.

Conservation Service can alter the look of the coin(s). Conservation Service may reveal otherwise hidden problems and result in a details grade voiding the OSV guarantee. Submitter understands any conservation service may include the use of caustic materials on the coin’s surface and neither OSV, nor any OSV employees is/are responsible for any loss of value, damage, lower grade, or change caused to a coin resulting from any service performed. Submitter agrees to forever hold harmless OSV and its employees for any loss. OSV expert staff makes the determination whether conservation is beneficial for each coin and reserves the right not to conserve any coin for any reason. OSV Conservation Service is not available for coins valued over $2,000. OSV Conservation Service is not a restoration service. Conservation is only available for coin submitted for certification.

To calculate return shipping, add postage and insurance coverage based on the number of sets and owner's value.
Number of sets/
Declared Value
$0 - $1,000 $1,001 - $5,000 $5,001 - $15,000 $15,001 - $40,000 $40,001 - $70,000 $70,001 - $100,000
1 - 4 $21.00 $29.00 $36.00 $53.00 $72.00 $91.00
5 - 20 $26.00 $36.00 $41.00 $58.00 $77.00 $96.00
21 - 40 $33.00 $41.00 $46.00 $63.00 $82.00 $101.00
41 - 70 $38.00 $46.00 $51.00 $68.00 $87.00 $106.00
71 - 100 $43.00 $51.00 $54.00 $73.00 $92.00 $111.00
101 - 200 $48.00 $56.00 $57.00 $78.00 $97.00 $116.00

If over $100,000 in value, call for rates.

If more than 201 sets, call for rates.

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